There are 24 letters. Each letter corresponds to a sound and each sound to a letter.




a  b  c  d  e  f  g  h  i  j  3  k  l  m   n  o  p  r  s  t  u  v  w  z


a, e, i, o, u are pronounced as in Italian or Spanish : casa, solo, vino, luna, pepe
c is pronounced as « sh » in shut 3 is pronounced as « s » in pleasure*
g is always pronounced as in give r is rolled as in Spanish
j j is pronounced as « y » in boy or yoghurt s is pronounced as in save or class


All the other letters are pronounced as in English
* This letter corresponds to the international phonetic symbol [3] for the French, Portuguese, Rumanian sound [j] (= s in measure). (When you don’t have this symbol on your computer you can use the numeral 3 : certain fonts such as Georgia ou Hoefler text put it in the right place.)





Ai, aj are pronounced as y in by, why : ex : aj, paj, vaiz
Ei, ej are pronounced as ay in pay, say ex : pej, lej, bej
Ij is pronounced as French ille in fille ex. bij, cijo, perij
Oi, oj are pronounced as oy in boy, toy ex : coj, foj, soin
Ui, uj are pronounced oo + y as French ouille in mouille ex : duj, muj, ruin
Au, aw are pronounced as ow in cow, how ex : Paul, paw, bawo
Ou, ow are pronounced as ow in low, o in nose ex : goul
Eu, ew are pronounced as eu in Italian or Spanish Europa ex : Europa